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Well, The Wise Men came and thanks to all of you who collaborated with us, they came loaded with presents and luckily we managed to take that loving smile to children who otherwise do not get anything.

All collected toys were taken to the non-profit association “Pato Amarillo”. You can see what we collected depicted a little further down.

But if there is someone who really deserves really a BIG THANKS, are all those who devote their time, generosity and self-denial to ease and to put a little of hope in that rough way that so many have to walk every day.

THANKS, Yoli, Pilar, Carmenand to all of those volunteers who work hard every day for them. You are the stars in a film in which, there would be no script without you.

We take our hats off to you.

That said and, because when you put forward these kind of “little things”, lots of different questions and, even, excuses come to your ears claiming to justify why or why not we act in this or that way and, above all, because it is these simple but deep and enriching little things which teach you how to live; let us just think aloud simply and, not to offence meant, to give an answer to all those doubts that arise when we are invited to give.

Do these families we try to help deserve the situation they are living in? Do they deserve to live on alms, beg for food, wear second-hang clothes that wealthy people discard? Did they choose where to be born? Did they choose how to be brought up? NO, they simply were unfortune enough to be born in underprivileged families. They are not worse than we are because the live in humble houses, do not wear smart clothes or could not attend school and so their manners, ways or knowledge, are certainly, limited. They do not deserve those “labels” so unfairly stuck to their backs.

Maybe we, who live in a comfortable house, dress as we want, eat the food we like and have manners that are politically correct, are much worse than them; because we have been given everything and take for granted that we deserve more. We always want more. But if after getting so much, we are not able to share just a small part of that immensity we have received generously… WHO ARE WE?

If this society, we live in, could give equal opportunities to EVERY ONE IN THE SAME WAY, we would see who THEY are and who we are.

ONE MILLION THANKS once again, to all of you who helped us make a difference. We will keep on investing in values worth working for. Keep in touch.



REYES MAGOS 2   2014