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JESMON SEGURIDAD, S.L. wants, one again, to get you involved in projects where it is necessary to lend a hand and, where the most simple things , make our hearts beat.
This time is about Mireia, a little girl, who without asking for it, has come to this word with some significant necessities that, sadly, very rarely, are fulfilled by those who should do it.
Her mum, María, offers you the opportunity of buying a calendar for just 3.- € . It is true, that we all have one already and that it is very late to buy calendars now and that most people do not even look at them. But that does not matter now. What really counts is that this little piece of cardboard with her photo on it can work marvels for her. We suggest these two simple questions:

  • If I pay these 3.-€ will my life change?
  • Will her life change? If each one of us pays these 3.-€?

That is why, through our website, we give you the opportunity to contribute so that Mireia´s life can be better off, the sooner the better.
YOU CAN ORDER THEM through this very piece of news. At the bottom you can see: SEND COMENT. You can write down your own name and telephone there. We will get in touch with you. There are two options to pick up your order: drop by our office or we will send it to you by post to the address provided.
And that is all for now, just our heart-felt THANKS, to all of you who wants to make a difference.