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JESMON SECURITY, S.L. is a reliable, innovative, growing family company providing a wide range of security solutions for your home or business needs: assessment, installation and maintenance of security systems and fire alarms.

JESMON SECURITY, S.L. was designed to offer customised quality service and meet your security needs, leading you through a step-by-step analysis of your facility, reviewing your current day-to-day operations and presenting you with specific recommendations to your business.

Our clients´ satisfaction has made of us a respected name in the security business.


Technology and Resources

We bring together highly trained,professional technicians and a state-of-the-art product line offering a complete start-to-finish development service with tecnology to apply to your needs and specifications.

Our Staff

Drawing on our wealth of experience we offer agreed solutions to whatever your needs based on cost and competitiveness.


We have allied ourselves with a nationwide network of distribution centres to offer you the best possible product selection and availability. We work with multiple suppliers to offer you the product you need.


Our outstanding performance and reliability continue to deliver true security to your family and business for years to come. we want you to have a good experience right from the start and sleep and feel much safer. Just trust us, we will do the rest.